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What is Slime Forest Adventure?[]

Slime Forest Adventure is an on-going project by its creator, Darrell Johnson, which aims to teach a basic set of Japanese language skills. The free version of the game teaches the user how to identify all hiragana and katakana characters, along with up to 1,000 kanji, and also contains supplementary grammar training. The premium version of the game teaches the user how to identify almost 2,000 kanji, and also includes many more supplementary training modes.

Slime Forest can be downloaded for free or purchased at

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Jenk and his brother are potato farmers living on an Island called Jagaimo. Jenk is sent out by his brother to sell their potatoes at the market in Jagaimo Village, but no one wants more potatoes. Slimes are attacking people outside the village and stealing their money. The Princess has also been kidnapped by the slimes. Jenk fights the slimes using a number of weapons, tools and items. Jenk follows the slimes down their hole into the slime caves where Jenk's abilities are tested. As Jenk continues to fight the slimes, he collects gold from the slimes, so his brother is not so concerned about selling the potatoes any more. During Jenk's adventures he gets a ship and explores other islands.

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