Jenk with ceremonial glaive and royle pants

Jenk with ceremonial glaive and royle pants

The Ceremonial Glaive is the 3rd level weapon, coming after the Battle Axe. It is made by the blacksmith on Ytlin Island at the request of the Mayor, but Jenk must find what is needed to make it.


The Ceremonial Glaive is required to harm the magnet slimes in the 3rd cave.

How to Get ItEdit

Get the key from the current mayor, go to the storehouse and get a tin ingot, take it to the blacksmith. The blacksmith will also need:

  1. gold - your money will do
  2. coal - in the hills
  3. silver - in the mountains
  4. copper - in the mountains
  5. wood - in the forests


From hills

  • black stone - coal
  • brown stone - terrible coal (not usable)
  • lumpy stone - hill potato (needed for toolbag)
  • gray stone - a fine stone (not usable)
  • striped stone - pretty (not usable)
  • squishy stone - clod (not usable)


From mountains

  • blackish rock - silver
  • shiny rock - copper
  • greyish rock - plainest, boring rock (not usable)
  • crystal rock - quartz (not usable)
  • salty rock - rock salt (needed for toolbag)
  • angry rocks (not usable)
  • rockfish (needed for toolbag)
  • angry rock (not usable)

* I spent 3-4 hours acquiring these two rocks; they are very hard to find (i.e. you have to get lucky; it is completely random whether you get them or not). You will most likely need to use "Drop Item" to clear your inventory of the worthless rocks hundreds of times over. Good luck!


  • black staff
  • cracked stick (not usable)
  • willow switch (not usable)
  • green stick (not usable)
  • pine staff (not usable)
  • hissing stick (not usable, drains health)

After giving the blacksmith all of the items, he will start to build it. You need to leave his house and go back in so that he will finish making the Glaive.